Graduating in December

I am graduating in just a few short weeks.  I, like about 60 others, am graduating in December.  Graduating in December is not wildly popular at Clark but there's always a group of students that decides to fly the nest early.  I seem somewhat calm on the outside, but I am terrified.  I didn't notice until I was talking to another soon-to-be graduate, that we're all scared!  Graduating is exciting but pretty scary to begin with, but doing so when most of your friends still have 5 months left of school is a whole other ballgame!  Despite the fears, this is a stressful but exciting time for us!

We are almost done!  

As much as I have loved my time at Clark, it's exciting to be stepping outside of this little world of ours.  Clark is a magical place where we all grow and learn so much, but it's time to put our knowledge and skills to the test.  Entering the workforce or planning out grad schools is a great way to put what we have learned into practice.

We're saving money!

A huge deciding factor in why I chose to graduate early was to save money.  While everyone else prepares for the spring tuition bill, we are worry free (well except for student loan repayment).  

We are done with assignments... for now anyway!

Even if you're planning on going to grad school in the fall, we each get a little break from schoolwork!  At this point in the semester, I am overwhelmed with papers and final projects.  It feels really good to know in just 5-6 weeks it will all be a distant memory!

We get to come back in May!

Clark does not have a December commencement, so we get to come back in May to walk with our class!  Not everyone chooses to do this, but I know I'm looking forward to returning to Clark and walking across that stage.

Between finishing up assignments, applying for jobs, or studying for the GRE, it's easy to forget about how exciting this time is.  Amidst all the chaos and unknowns don't forget to congratulate yourself and be happy!  You are finishing college early, which isn't easy!  You have a world of possibilities ahead of you, which can be scary, but it's also incredible.  Don't get so caught up in the final moments of stress at Clark, that you forget to enjoy your last month or so here.

Congratulations to our December graduates!