The Girl Behind the Photos


Celine Manneville




Communications and French


Columbia, Maryland

How long have you been involved with the Scarlet?

Since freshman year

What is your role on the Scarlet now?

Photo editor

What are your responsibilities?

My responsibility is to organize the team; I call them my photo brigade.  I also my team’s pictures, upload them and choose which ones are the best from the events we covered. Currently, I cover the events but I am also taking the headshots for the Clarkie and Cougar of the week.

What is your favorite thing about photography?

It’s amazing when you get that one really good candid photo. I love candids the most and being able to catch someone in their truest form.

More recently I have been thinking about photography in the perspective of time because I know in 20 years I will want to look back on those photos and how that moment felt.

What is your favorite photo you have taken for the scarlet?

I always enjoy taking the spree day photos and portraits as well, even though they’re always similar. Taking photos of Bill Clinton was also a great experience.

My freshman year I wanted to be in the photography section of the paper, so I was asked to take photos of all the toilets on campus. In terms of humor, I’ll always remember those photos.

Are you involved with anything else on campus?

I am the co-president of Clark Fitness and I was also a Peer Advisor for two years and I recently joined the Student Support Network.

Any words of advice for the future or current Clarkies that wants to get involved?

Learn how to say no. There are so many clubs to be a part of here and it is so easy to join them but then you risk spreading yourself too thin and getting overwhelmed. Don’t half ass two things, whole ass one thing.