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Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 3- Death Predictions


Disclaimer: I have not read any spoilers for Game of Thrones and have avoided most theories in the past few months. My predictions are based on nothing but my interpretation of the plot and some things that I may have absorbed from a podcast or two. 

We know not everyone is making it out of this battle, but who is definitely toast? Here's my guess of what state they'll be in by the end of episode three. 

Daenerys- Alive

It would be the most epic twist of all time but I think that she needs to live to see the King's Landing be destroyed. 

Jaime- alive

Unlikely. I think if he dies, Cersei needs to be present. Though they're lives have separated, I keep thinking that they came into this world together and they should go out together too. 

If he does die, I really want him to die while defending Brienne, showing that he's choosing her over Cersei, in a symbolic manner. 

Tyrion- alive

He should live because I am still waiting for him to do something significant during this season. 

Jon- alive

I have no idea why we would care about Jon's parentage if he never got to make his claim on the Iron Throne, but it would be pretty epic if he died facing down the night king while defending his home. 

Gendry- 50/50

If Arya lives, he'll die. If he lives, she's dying. 

Bran- Maybe dead

This would be a really interesting way to establish that the Night King is winning during the beginning of this season and really raise the stakes. 

Sansa- Alive

I think her character is incredibly rich and layered and a really interesting example of women's traditional role in historical political considerations. I'll be really upset if she doesn't live to see Cersei die. 

Arya- dead

Arya has reclaimed her name, her family, and her youthful world view. I think he arc is over. 

Theon- so dead

His story should end with dying to defend Bran, especially after risking Bran's life in season one when they're confronting Osha, betraying the Starks, and struggling to reclaim his ability to fight back. 

Brienne- so dead

Oh, my poor baby. I love her so much. She's going to die in brutal fashion and it's going to screw up Jaime. 

Grey Worm- Dead

Oh, this one is going to be sad. 

Tormund- Dead

It will be epic, as he would want it to be. 

The Hound and Beric- Dead and Deader

They both really just need to stop fighting and feeling so miserable. I can't see either of them making it out of this. 

In conclusion, this is my formal notice that I will not be attending my final classes on Monday because I will be formally mourning. 

She is a Junior and majoring in International Development and Social Change. PC: Rose Wine Photography
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