Five Things Every Jew Thinks During Passover

It's almost halfway through Passover, and it's truly my least favorite Jewish holiday. And yeah, while "every" is an exaggeration, I bet you've thought of at least some of these things during the holiday.

  1. 1. Is this Kosher of Passover?

    With the caf and the bistro as a Clark student's main option, it can be hard to keep up with a balanced meal lifestyle throughout this holiday, especially when you have to sometimes question what you can really eat. (Hint: no grains, corn, or beans.)

  2. 2. How much longer?

    If you're in Israel, Passover lasts seven days. If you're outside of Israel, it lasts eight days. Eight. Long. Days.

  3. 3. The maztah can't be as bad as last year

    Nope. You're wrong. It's still the dry, bad cracker-y stuff.

  4. 4. I'm so hungry

    I, at least, feel like I don't eat as much during Passover.

  5. 5. I hate this

    Matzah is gross. The food is limited. I want better tasting food. I just want this to be over.

Yay Passover!