Five Hints to Dating A Philosophy Major

1. Be prepared for copious amounts of questions.


Everything has a deeper meaning to it if you’re willing to expand your mind. Dating a philosophy major means you’re going to have to acclimate to the series of questions that arises when having mentally stimulating conversations. Everything needs to be explained through the premises and conclusion which is how a philosophy major will determine whether or not what is said is true or false. This means you must ask yourself the question: what, when, and how a thought that you express is formed, and on what basis?


2. The thought process involves premises and a conclusion.

Philosophy majors all know the formula to a true or false conclusion: if the first premise is true, and the second premise is true, then the conclusion must be true. Therefore, if the first premise is false and the second premise is true, or vice versa, then the conclusion is false. Both premises must be true in order for the conclusion to be, thus when one is false, some of us will deem your entire argument invalid. As the relationship grows, you’ll come to see that it is a dependable theory for analyzing  factual (not emotional) arguments and their legitimacy.  


3. Don’t give simple answers that omit extended thought.  

A philosophy major’s best quality is the ability to extend thoughts beyond that of general knowledge and widen our perspectives to various opinions of an argument, to make the best and most aware decision. A simple “yes” or “no” will not suffice for the loaded questions that philosophy majors ponder when faced with moral or ethical dilemmas (not to exclude many other topics). The omission of extended thought will seem off putting as it may be interpreted that you believe there is no power or drive that comes from understanding the world and consciousness through various mediums of thought. If you do believe this, do not tell that to a philosophy major (haha)!  


4. There will be philosophical rants. . . sometimes.

When conversing about topics such as ethics, morals, freedom, free will, etc. the answer a philosophy major will provide may be lengthy, to say the least. When answering philosophical questions it is not only common to state the name of the philosopher you are attributing the thoughts to, but to compile multiple beliefs to form one’s own opinion. The rants may be long and, sometimes, hard to follow depending on their passion of the subject, but are absolutely worth listening to. Sometimes these lengthy rants will enrich your mind with new perspectives and/or arguments to supplement your own future arguments!   


5. The Mind-Body Problem is a debate-- every time.

The mind-body problem is, unarguably, one of the longest standing debates in philosophical schools of thought. With countless philosophers like Descartes, Kant, Plato, Socrates, Spinoza, etc., there is a world of philosophy in itself to contemplate under the mind-body problem. When dating a philosophy major it becomes pertinent to understand there are various forms of mind-body interaction and definitions/ understandings of the soul. This also proves a philosophy major will make clear distinctions between the body, brain, mind, and soul, so remember to choose words carefully and specifically or you may discuss a completely different philosopher’s study.

Dating a philosophy major is a fantastic adventure that involves the expansion of your mind via the fun of a relationship. Philosophy is a diverse subject that has historical foundations internationally, making it relatable to various cultures and traditions. With such an extensive range of thoughts, there lay no room for empty conversations or living life for what is seen at face value. As Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am,”, which only goes to show that as humans we are intelligent creatures with the faculty of thinking. When exercising that faculty of thinking, according to Descartes, we are thinking, therefore we are (existing). Dating a philosophy major will be eye opening, enriching, and mentally stimulating. Learn to see the world for all of its attributes, including those normally left unresearched.