Finals Music to Listen To

With finals under way here at Her Campus Clark, we thought we’d come up with a study playlist to help get through the hours of studying ahead. Enjoy!

1. Claire de Lune                                      Claude Debussy

2. Paperman                                              Christophe Beck

3. Your Hands are Cold                         Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack

4. Briony                                                     Dario Marianelli

5. Lily’s Theme                                         Alexandre Desplat

6. Reverie                                                    Claude Debussy

7. Arrival of the Birds                            London Metropolitan Orchestra

8. Pépinot                                                   Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint- Marc Soundtrack

9. Printemps                                              Claude Debussy

10. Dawn                                                     Dario Marianelli

11. Etudes                                                  Claude Debussy

12. Well-Tempered Clavier                Johann Sebastian Bach

13. A Beautiful Mind                          James Horner

14. Think of Me (Instrumental)          The Phantom of the Opera

15. Air                                                 Johann Sebastian Bach



And of course anything from the Nutcracker soundtrack to help us collegiates get in holiday spirit!