The Final Four Words and All The Feels

10. 10 is the amount of times I have cried during the last episode alone. Like half of the world, I got in my comfiest outfit and gathered with my Gilmore loving friends, with homemade poptarts and popcorn in hand and watched the long awaited Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life. I decided I was going to watch it all in one go which ended up lasting until 3 am Saturday morning. In the moments following those fatal last four words, I still do not know how to feel.

The final scene ends with Lorelai and Rory sitting on the famous gazebo in the middle of Stars Hollow, on the day of Lorelai and Luke’s wedding. Lorelai and Rory continue their loving banter that we have enjoyed since 2000 and joke about how they should do “married lady things” such as go bowling and dye their hair blue.

Paul, who is still Rory’s forgettable boyfriend, breaks up with her. Rory states,  “I can’t believe how I treated him, I suck.” “No you don’t. He didn’t fit. It needs to fit, believe me,” Lorelai says as she tries to comforts her in one last scene. “He’ll find someone amazing one day. And so will you.” As she notices that Rory is not saying anything she asks: “Hey, what’s going on in there?” “I want to remember it all. Every detail,” Rory says with a glazed over distracted look.

Then, there are those four final words:

Rory: “Mom?”

Lorelai: “Yeah?”

Rory: “I’m pregnant.”

Then that’s it. The adored theme song “Where you Lead” by Carole King plays as I (yet again) begin to cry. The crying is partly from one of my favorite shows ending and partly out of pure confusion and sleep deprivation. I did like these four episodes as they answered some unanswered questions that were left from the final season of Gilmore Girls, but they left me with so many more unanswered questions. Will Jess go after Rory? Is it Logan’s kid? Will he raise it with Rory? These unanswered questions make me wish for another season to continue to watch the Gilmore Girls grow, but another part of me is satisfied with the brief glimpse into their life to know that they are doing okay.