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Dawson Ingersoll ’14

Name: Dawson Ingersoll
Major: Psychology, Education
Year: 2014
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
Relationship Status: Single
Favorite Color: Green
Best Qualities: Easy going. Good listener. Loyal. Trustworthy. Open minded. Compassionate. One of a kin. Good sense of humor. Awesome kisser.
Worst Qualities: I’m too shy if I have a crush on a girl. Stubborn. Curious.
Fun Fact: I have spent my whole life observing people and social interactions, this helped me immensely in the college application process because I knew I wanted to study psychology before I even started applying to schools. It made picking schools really easy and Clark was an awesome choice.
Describe yourself in five words or less: Fancy, Intriguing, Confusing, Unique, Lovable.
Hobbies/Activities: Music, Volleyball, Tumblr, Cuddling, Skating, Being Hardcore. Doing hood rat stuff with my friends.
Favorite thing to do at Clark: Late night bistro.
What you look for in a S.O.: Cute, tattoos, similar interests, funny, good sense of humor, a nice butt, likes to go out and do things, intelligence, technological proficiency, likes to cook. and she has to like sushi.
Favorite pick up line: Pick up a pizza and a movie and actually invite the girl over for a date.
Perfect first date: Baking cupcakes.
If you could be a superhero, who you would be and why: Green lantern. He has a cool ring that gives him the power of almost every other super hero. Hey I want to go over there. boom the ring does it for me. Hey I want to defeat this bad guy. Boom my ring is now a fist. Obviously green lantern is the best super hero.
Best Place for a date in Worcester: Boulevard diner at 4am after snuggling and watching a movie.
Celeb Crush: Melissa Clarke, Elizabeth Olsen 
Campus Crush: Donna looking so sexy in the bistro everyday.
Where you see yourself in 5 years: Either working back in California at a school being a counselor for the little ADHD kids in middle school or elementary school, because I surely could have used some help when I was a kid. If that path doesn’t end up working out I want to be a coast guard helicopter pilot. If that doesn’t work out then I will just continue to rebuild cars with my dad.
Best advice: Your night will be way more chill if you stop focusing on taking a chick home and just enjoy the party.

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