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CNN Makes Major Misstep

The democratic debate’s last question had people feeling an array of emotions: confused, baffled, and exasperated. In addition to failing to bring up several poignant and critical debate questions, the fourth democratic debate asked the presidential candidates to “tell us about a friendship that you’ve had that would surprise us and what impact it has had on you and your beliefs.” The question was in reference to a photo of Ellen DeGeneres with George W. Bush laughing at a basketball game that caused an uproar. Ellen vehemently defended the photo, encouraging people to be friends with people who have different beliefs– which only caused bigger outrage as people pointed to Bush’s disastrous record with the Iraq War.

Viewers were absolutely shocked that the debate involved a question about Ellen, while turning a blind eye to more burning topics. Julián Castro tweeted, “Three hours and no questions tonight about climate, housing, or immigration. Climate change is an existential threat. America has a housing crisis. Children are still in cages at our border. But you know, Ellen. #Democratic Debate.”

Quite frankly, I do not care what surprising friendships the presidential candidates have. Sure, bipartisanship is important for our country’s political system. However, I care much more about how our future president intends to fight against a rapidly warming planet and the monstrous fossil fuel industry. I care much more about how our future president will fight for immigrants being forced into inhumane conditions just because they came to seek a better life for their families. What does Ellen have anything to do with the future of our country?

Olga is a senior at Clark University studying psychology and marketing. She's got a serious coffee addiction and a passion for writing.
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