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Clark University Campus Store Gift Guide

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Clarkie, look no further than the Clark University Campus Store!  Located in the first floor of the Shaich Family Alumni and Student Engagement Center or online, you can chose your favorite way to shop.  The campus store sells amazing Clark merchandise, some of which may be a great gift!  All this week, Monday, December 11th- Friday, December 15th get  an extra 20% in stores and online with the code “20off”.  If you’re overwhelmed with all the choices, check out the gift guide below!  We feature gifts perfect for any Clarkie and Clark friends and family!

Gifts Under $10

Cell Phone Card Case (Black or Red)- $2.99

This is the perfect gift for a Clarkie on the go!  It sticks right onto their cell phone with just enough space for their One Card and credit card.  Plus, it’s very inexpensive!

Bottle Opener Key Ring– $4.99

This is a great gift for the 21+ Clarkies!  A useful key ring to house their keys and a bottle opener for when they’re cutting lose.  Another very budget friendly gift.

Acrylic Key Ring– $5.99

This is perfect for any Clarkie to hold their dorm keys and ID on while boasting their Clark pride!

3/4″ Platinum Lanyard (Black)– $5.99

The campus store sells a variety of lanyards at different price points.  This is a useful gift and perfect stocking stuffer!

Clark University Auto Decal– $5.99

A great gift for a Clarkie with a car!  I have been sporting my Clark pride on my car for years and my decal still looks great!

Clark University Pennant– $8.99

This is a great dorm accessory!  This would also be a great, and light, stocking stuffer!

Gifts $10-$20

16 oz Combo Mug– $10.99

A great gift for anyone that loves hot beverages (most people)!  A nice and practical gift that doesn’t break the bank.

Classic Seal T-Shirt– $12.99

There are many Clark t-shirt you can buy for your Clarkie this holiday, but this is one of the most inexpensive options!  Definitely check out the other options such as specific sports or Clark Musical Theater shirts.  Also, if you’re shopping for family members, they also sell Clark husband/ wife, mom/dad, grandparent, and more! (prices vary)

Clark University Baseball Cap– $16.99

There are a variety of baseball caps at different price points you can buy to show your Clark pride!  This is just one of my favorites and least expensive options.

Super Pocket Mini-Umbrella– $16.99

This is a practical gift for those rainy Worcester days!  This umbrella is the perfect size to leave in a bag and pull out when you’re leaving class in the middle of a rain storm!

Clark University Winter Hat– $19.99

Pom-pom hats are very in right now and this one is so cute!  Plus, this is a very practical gift for anyone about to face winter in the Woo!

Clark University Crystal Ornament– $19.99

This is a perfect Christmas gift to sit on your tree this holiday.  Plus, a Clark ornament is a wonderful keepsake to remember their time at Clark.  

Gifts $20-$40

Clark University Long Sleeve Shirt– $24.99

There’s a large selection of long sleeve shirts you can choose from at the campus store at a variety of price points!

Clark Endure Water Bottle– $25.99

This water bottle is sleek and keeps your drinks cold for a long time.  It’s a great gift or stocking stuffer!

Elliot the Bear (brown or white)– $29.99

This Clark teddy bear is too cute to resist!  Also a perfect gift for the stuffed animal lover in your life.

Clark University Sweatshirt– $29.99

The campus store sells so many sweatshirts, both crew neck and hoodies!  I love my Clark University hooded sweatshirt and I wear it all the time.  Definitely check out the sweatshirts and choose whichever one you think your Clarkie would like best.  Also, a soon-to-be alumna of Clark university, I recommend you definitely check out the alumni merchandise! (prices vary)

Jonas Clark Print– $34.99

A matted print of Clark is a great gift, especially for someone that loves art.  You can choose from a couple of iconic Clark scenes.

Gifts $40+

Sport Polo– $41.99

My uncle loves his Clark golf shirt!  This is a great gift for a dad, uncle, or even Clark student who loves to golf.

Clark Sweatpants– $49.99

While these are a more expensive gift, I have lived in my Clark sweatpants over my four years here.  They’re comfortable and perfect for those long weekend days in the library!

Diploma Frame– $110.00+

This is an expensive gift, but it’s timeless.  This is perfect for any December 2017 or May 2018 graduates in your life.  You can customize the frame to your liking and your Clarkie will have it for the rest of their life.

Class Ring– 399.00+

I recommend talking with your Clarkie before purchasing their class ring.  They’re completely customizable so definitely let them be involved in the process!  Again, this is a timeless gift that will last them forever.

There are so many other treasures and perfect gifts that can be found at the Clark campus store!  Definitely spend time browsing the shelves or the online site to find what you’re looking for!  Clark merchandise is the perfect gift for both students and those special loved ones and supporters in our lives.

Happy shopping, Clarkies! 











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