The Chosen One: The Perfect Hannukah Gift

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No matter if you spell it Hanukkah, Chanukah, Hannukah, Channukah, Hanuka, Chanuka, Hannukkah, Channukah, or any other variation, we can all agree on one great gift.

The Chosen One has taken your traditional Cards Against Humanities and given it a Jewish twist.

"It seems like a game that my mom would go 'you know this seems like a nice Hannukah gift,'" my one friend said.

The game follows the same rules as Cards Against Humanities--one person who decides the winner as all others place their best cards to the cue card--and is great for playing with friends and family.

With cards such as:

- Not worry about getting molested by a priest

- Jews-Clues

- Crippling Jewish Guilt

- Sukkah orgies

- Hebrew school hookups

- Shofar performance anxiety

And cue cards like:

- Every Jewish mother's worst nightmare

- What Madoff and Weinstein have in common

- What we're saving for marriage

- Make____ kosher again

- Who needs science when you have ____

- Nothing gets me in the mood like

You know this card game will be "funny-ish" (as the game calls itself and as some of the cards don't fully work all the time - you can only do so much!) as well as some awkward moments.

And that's not all: there's free shipping on all orders made in the US! 10 percent of the profits also go to Jewish charities, and the box the cards come in can be converted into a tsedakah (charity) box!

For just $35, you know that you'll get your moneys worth with the five star reviews on the company's website.