Buzzy Cohen Wins Tournament of Champions

Today, November 17th, there is a new Tournament of Champions winner!  For those of you who aren't familiar, Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions is an annual tournament featuring the longest running and biggest money receiving winners from the previous seasons or current season.  On Thursday, November 16th the finals began featuring Buzzy Cohen, Austin Rogers, and Alan Lin.  At the end of the day, Buzzy was left with nothing after betting it all and losing it in the final jeopardy.  Although, as we all know, Jeopardy is anyone's game.

The three of them returned to the stage for the final time this evening.  The game was close with Rogers in the lead for the first quarter.  However, Buzzy was able to take a significant lead when he won a double jeopardy which put him to a total in the 20 thousands.  Alan did have the chance to catch up, but he followed Clark tradition by guessing Freudian Slip which was not the answer.  He lost it all but was able to pull it up to second place by the end.

What was a nail biting tournament took the anxiety to the next level with an incredibly difficult final jeopardy question- "A state capital since 1805, its name begins with the last 4 letters of the state’s name."  That would prove to be the kicker to Alan's and Austin's chance to win it all.  Although, Buzzy also failed to answer correctly.

In the end, Buzzy became the newest champion taking home a total of $250,000 tonight.  Alan came in second place taking home $100,000.  Austin followed in third place taking home a total of $50,000.

As host, Alex Trebec, mentioned during the show, this have been the most fun tournament of them all.  Everyone continued to be in good spirits throughout the tournament and high tension.  The audience, contestants, and host remained laughing throughout the finale.  

While I was rooting for Austin, my personal favorite, a big congratulations is in order for Buzzy and all of the finalists.