Boston Marathon 2019: An Amazingly Close Race

The Boston Marathon took place for the 123rd time Monday, and the finishes were amazing even through the challenge weather.


Daniel Romanchuck, who is from the United States of America, became the first American man to win the wheelchair division since 1993. He is also the youngest winner in the category ever.

Manuela Schar, who is from Switzerland, won her second Boston Marathon in the women's wheelchair bracket.

If Schar wins in London in two weeks, she will sweep the World Marathon Major series.

"I was just really happy that the weather turned out to be actually really nice," Schar said. "When we drove to the starting line, it looked really really bad and I was worried because last year was still in our heads, and I had a really bad experience last year. Today I would say (was) unfinished business."

Worknesh Degefa, who is from Ethiopia. won her race. It was her first attempt in the Boston Marathon. Degefa ran alone for the last 20 miles.

Lawrence Cherono, who is from Kenya, won the men's race in a sprint finish against Lelisa Desisa, who won in 2015 and 2013, the year the race was bombed at the finish line.

This was Cherono's first major marathon win.

"It was no man's race to win," Cherono said. "I kept on focusing. And at the end, I was the winner. I'm so grateful, so happy."

Here's the list of the winners and results from the 2019 Boston Marathon:

Men's wheelchair

1. Daniel Romanchuk: 1:21:36

2. Masazumi Soejima: 1:24:30

3. Marcel Hug: 1:26:42

Women's wheelchair

1. Manuela Schar: 1:34:19

2. Tatyana McFadden: 1:41:35

3. Madison de Rozario: 1:41:36

Men's race

1. Lawrence Cherono: 2:07:57

2. Lelisa Desisa Benti: 2:07:59

3. Kenneth Kipkemoi: 2:08:07

Women's race

1. Worknesh Degefa: 2:23:31

2. Edna Kiplagat: 2:24:13

3. Jordan Hasay: 2:25:20