A Bizarre Scheme to Slander Robert Mueller

A scheme has recently been exposed in fraudulently trying accuse Robert Mueller, Director of the FBI, of sexual assault. Several news outlets received emails from a woman using the name “Lorraine Parsons”, claiming she had been bribed to come forward with allegations against Mueller by a man working for Jack Burkman and Surefire Intelligence.

Burkman is a GOP lobbyist, conservative radio show host, and propellor of conspiracy theories. On October 31, Jack Burkman tweeted this statement:

Source: Twitter

Ed Krassenstein of The Hill Reporter was one of many reporters unable to verify Lorraine Parson's existence, or her employment at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, the company at which she claimed to work with Mueller.

In a series of bizarre revelations about Surefire Intelligence, the legitimacy of the agency is being questioned. As discovered by Jane Mayer of The New Yorker, a picture of a man named Jacob Wohl was edited used as the profile for C.E.O. of Surefire Intelligence on LinkedIn, and a number listed on the website was found to be Wohl’s mother’s.

No actual individual has come out with an accusation against Robert Mueller, proving once again how rare false sexual allegations are. But let’s not forget about the real predators serving in the highest positions of office in our nation.