Behind the Scenes of Vagina Monologues with Kate McNicholas

To start us off, tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Kate McNicholas, I’m a sophomore at Clark University originally hailing from Blairstown, New Jersey. I love Lady Gaga, anything purple, theater, and poetry.


What got you passionate about theater?

I have always found the stage a really beautiful and magical world to be a part of. I have wonderful parents who took me to Broadway shows in the city and I fell in love quickly with musicals. I loved Julie Andrews, Phantom of the Opera and music in general. I performed throughout middle school and high school but didn’t get any real roles until I came to Clark. The theater community here became my second family and I started to realize just how wide the world of theater was. Vagina Monologues was one of my largest roles and one of my most unique opportunities.  

What is your role in Vagina Monologues?

I am in “They Beat the Girl Out of my Boy,” which tells the story of transgender women throughout different phases and perspectives of their lives. It is incredibly emotional and I really feel honored to be able to tell this story, along with four other incredible actresses.


What are you looking forward to in this performance?

I’m looking forward to delving into my acting and getting out of my comfort zone. I have a very emotional part that tells a very hard and tragic story; having such love and support around me onstage while simultaneously having to take on that emotion and loss is uncomfortable in the best way. I leave the stage shaking every time.


What is your favorite part of the show?

Honestly, the part that isn’t onstage. While the stories we tell and the show itself is extremely important, the bonding and empowerment that takes place backstage is what makes the experience unique and powerful. I have been able to meet some of Clark’s strongest and most inspiring women, all who have their own stories to tell.


Outside of theater what are your favorite things about Clark?

I love Clark. I know a lot of people say that, but I applied to over 20 colleges as a senior in high school and Clark has become the place I knew I was meant to be. The people here, their passion for change and their acceptance of all gives me hope for our generation being the next ones in charge.

What is your advice for people interested in getting involved in theater at Clark?

Do not hesitate! We never have the same director twice and experience isn’t necessary. I went through most of my theater career believing I would always be in the background; it wasn’t until I came to Clark and was given more opportunities that I became aware of what I am truly capable of.  There are so many stories to tell and so many wonderful and talented friends to make. JUMP IN!

Thanks, Kate! Make sure to catch Kate and the rest of the cast of Vagina Monologues in their performances, February 17th & 18th.