Behind the Scenes of Gala: Performer Survey

For those of you who either attended or livestreamed Gala last night, you must be wondering how the performers are feeling! We were able to survey some members of the Clark University Dance Society (who represented France) to learn what their favorite parts of the event are!

Photo Credit: Clark University Dance Society

What is your favorite part about being in Gala?

I love how the whole campus comes together, people from dance clubs, athletes, international students, and everyone in between. It's an amazing, positive bonding experience. -Taylor McAllister

How it's just a night of celebrating world culture and friendships. There's just so much love and positive energy:) -Tiffany Kayo

Photo Credit: Taylor McAllister

Bonding with my fellow dancers! We put in a lot of time and effort to prepare our dance, and it's so fun and rewarding to share the experience with each other. -Julia Schroeder

Performing in front of so many people with such amazing energy and passion for the world. -Zoe DiPinto

I love getting to see all of the dances during the week leading up to the performance! It's so great to see everything come together in the end for the show. I also love watching the flag ceremony at the very end of the performance. I think it's such an awesome moment of unity and celebration! -Kelly