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The Bachelor Finale Breakdown

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.

Season 24 of The Bachelor has officially come to an end. While this season has been quite rough to watch, let’s briefly recap what has happened:

● During part 1 of the season finale, Hannah Ann and Madison both go on their last one on one with Peter

● Madison tells Peter that she’s leaving

● Hannah Ann expresses her doubts about the relationship with Peter

● Peter expresses that his heart is torn in two different directions

● Peter’s family loves Hannah Ann and disapproves of Madison

● Part 2 continues with Peter convincing himself that he is in love with Hannah Ann as he struggles to deal with Madison leaving

● Chris Harrison tells Peter that Hannah Ann may not show up to the final rose either (although she does eventually show up and get proposed to)

● Peter and Hannah Ann’s engagement is cut off short as Peter is struggling to get over Madison

● Chris Harrison reaches out to Madison in an attempt to help her reconnect with Peter

● Two days after the finale, Peter and Madison both announce on social media that they decided to go their separate ways

Overall, this season has been quite a ride. Some parts were hard to watch, to be honest, but I couldn’t help myself, but to stay updated with this season. However, there were a few things that did shock me. One of the things that shocked me was how vocal The Webers were about not liking Madison, especially on live TV. Another shocking fact was when Hannah Ann revealed that Peter wanted to reach out to Hannah Brown for closure. While it was not too hard to believe, it was shocking to be true. It shows how indecisive and unsure Peter is with his feelings.

Nevertheless, The Bachelor is officially over. Next stop, The Bachelorette.

Michelle is currently majoring in Management with a concentration in Marketing. She loves to travel and hopes to one day take a dip into marketing world.