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Australia Votes YES to Same Sex Marriage

On November 15th, the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that 61% of the population voted to allow same-sex marriage. More than 12.7 million people voted across the country, about 80% of the population, and every state and territory returned with a majority “yes.”


While a bill has yet to be passed, this is a HUGE victory towards equality for all!

Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called for same-sex marriage to be legalized before Christmas. The triumphant victory for the LGBT community comes after a long fought battle against rhetoric decrying same sex marriage. Many people didn’t want the vote to take place, fearing an aggressive and bitter “no” campaign.


Luckily those fears were in vain, and the country voted in favor of a more progressive world where everyone is free to love who they choose.

Congratulations Australia!

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