Are You a Crime Junkie?

Granted, I’m not a huge podcast listener. I only follow a few on my podcasts app. But one that has absolutely become my favorite: "Crime Junkie". I’m a huge crime fan. I love thrillers, mysteries,and crime shows. Law and Order: SVU is my go to show when I need something to play in the background. I just finished binge watching the entirety of the Aaron Hernandez documentary on Netflix, and I finally got around to watching Narcos. It’s fair to say I love true crime.

There is something about true crime stories that is so captivating despite how horrific it can be to hear about. Scott Bonn, a criminology professor at Drew University wrote for the New York Times, “My research has determined that the public’s fascination with serial killers on television is multifaceted and complex. Serial killers tantalize people much like traffic accidents, train wrecks or natural disasters. The public’s fascination with them can be seen as a specific manifestation of its more general fixation on violence and calamity. In other words, the actions of a serial killer may be horrible to behold but much of the public simply cannot look away due to the spectacle.”

One day, in a search to try something new, I came across "Crime Junkie". Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat release a 30 minute to hour long podcast episode every Monday about a chilling real life crime. Flowers is on the board of directors for Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana, and Prawat used to work for a P.I. Both women are deep crime junkies who decided to share their passion with the world 

I love the "Crime Junkie" podcast because Ashley and Brit feel like two older sisters talking to you. Each episode is well researched and respectful, and comes with great advisory commentary from Ashley and Brit. Ashley always says to be weird, be rude, and stay alive. While covering true crime stories, they give insightful perspectives on the story. 

One of the most fascinating things that Ashley and Brit have suggested is to make an “if I go missing folder”. Often times when family members or friends go missing it is difficult to access accounts and records to find activity in a timely manner. This is why they recommend you keep a file of all important information to help track you in case something ever happens to you. 

Listen to their latest episode on Spotify.