9 Caf Hacks

If your semester is already feeling repetitive, then the food you’re eating in the Caf and Bistro are probably boring you as well. Read on to discover our Caf hacks that will take your dining hall game to the next level.

Peanut butter and banana toast: Whenever the Caf is stocked up on bananas, this is my go-to, especially for breakfast. Grab two slices of whole wheat bread and pop them in the toaster, add peanut butter, honey from the tea station, and cinnamon which can be found by the utensils. The honey and cinnamon add antioxidants and the banana and carbs will keep you full until lunch.

Lemon seasoning or lemon water: Not many people know this, but there is a small bucket of lemon wedges hidden by the iced tea/coffee station. I like to add a couple slices to a glass of water, or even squeeze them over a bland meal.

Grilled chicken and fried eggs: Most people already know about this one, but for some people it’s still a secret. You can ask one of the workers at the grill (by the fries and burgers) for several pieces of grilled chicken, or you can even order fried eggs. This is my favorite hack for when I’m not a fan of the meat they’re serving that meal. You can also order fried eggs on weekday mornings and have it made to your liking rather than eating the bland scrambled eggs they serve daily.

Protein snack: Cut up an apple and grab some protein packed peanut butter! This will keep you full for hours after your meal and is a great substitute for dessert.

DIY Wrap: Ask for a wrap from the deli station and add grilled chicken, veggies from the salad bar, and other ingredients that you love that may not be behind the deli counter.

Dairy free options: Next to the toasters, there’s a mini fridge with almond, rice, and soy milk. If you’re lactose intolerant or just want to eat less dairy swap a glass of 2% for some vitamin E packed almond milk!

DIY omelet: You’ve probably seen the omelet station in the Caf on weekend mornings, but did you know you can bring them your own ingredients? I’m a huge fan of putting spinach in my omelets but they don’t always offer that as an add-in. Instead, I grab a bowl and fill it with some spinach from the salad bar, then hand it to the worker at the omelet station when I’m ordering. PS. There’s also a second omelet station in the back of the Caf where they usually serve pasta for dinner, and it’s a lot less busy than the one in front of the Caf.

Chicken, egg and rice combo:  A friend of mine showed me this one and it has since been one of the best options for when the Caf has literally nothing good. Grab some rice from the rice cooker, ask for a fried egg and some grilled chicken at the grill, add soy sauce and vegetables to your liking. This meal is so satisfying it will stop you from grabbing three slices of pizza and calling it dinner.

Cajun fries: When you’re craving fries, spice it up by adding some Cajun seasoning that can be found by the utensils.

How do you hack the Caf and make the most of your dining hall experience, collegiettes?