7 Tips and Products to Get Your Skin Through This Winter

As the temperature drops we’re all feeling some type of way. So is our skin. It’s getting dry and the cold winds are not helping! So to keep a glow all winter long, I’ve got a few tips.


1. Vitamin E Oil.

Pick it up at any drugstore. You can use this pretty much everywhere. I love putting it on my lashes with a clean spooly. Put it on dry spots on your skin. This brightens and moisturizes your skin, and Vitamin E helps with skin discoloration.


2. A Good Moisturizer

Get a moisturizer and remember to use it consistently! Morning and night. I’ve gone through about 10 of these: The True Cream Aqua Bomb from Belif. I like to switch to a more heavy duty moisturizer in preparation for winter.


3. Battle Problem Areas

And when you get a breakout, my favorite thing to use is the Clean and Clear Persa Gel 10 Acne Medication. Also available at any drugstore, this stuff has the highest percentage of benzoyl peroxide you can get over the counter. The key to this working is consistency. Make a reminder on your phone to put it on every night on your problem areas. This is super helpful for those under skin bumps and whiteheads that aren’t quite pimples but also seem to never go away.


4. Face Masks.

I love sheet masks, and have tried so many in the past. But they seem to add up in cost and don’t have any crazy effect. So, a more natural alternative: LUSH face masks. They are so fresh and you can really make them last. My personal favorites: BB Seaweed and Oatfix.


5. A DIY Face Mask

A less expensive version to make quickly on your own: a quarter of a very ripe avocado and a few spoonfuls of honey. This can get super messy, but your skin will be so soft.


6. Body Lotions

We seem to focus too much on the face in terms of skincare so let’s not forget about the rest of our body. I make sure to moisturize after showering consistently because the key to seeing any results ever is consistency. My two favorite moisturizers of all time are Aveeno daily moisturizer and LUSH’s Rump lotion.


7. Exfoliate

Mix together white granulated sugar, olive oil, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Use this in the shower as an exfoliator for your whole body. It will get rid of dry flaky skin and the olive oil will give you a fresh, moisturized glow.


Don’t let the cold harsh winds get you this year.