5 Best Coffee Shop Study Spots Off Campus

If you’re sick and tired of walking around the library trying to find a place to enjoy some Jazzman’s coffee and get work done, we’ve got you covered. There are some great places in and around Worcester that offer yummy treats and cool atmospheres perfect for getting work done or studying.

  1. Acoustic Java - Acoustic Java is a great place to grab a muffin and a Freudian if you need an extreme caffeine boost. It gives you the feeling of being far enough off campus while you’re still within a five-minute walking distance.
  2. BirchTree Bread Company - BirchTree is a fabulous place if you are craving a healthy version of your favorite midnight snack. Their grilled cheese is to die for! There is plenty of space to get your work done and they sometimes even have live music to keep you relaxed and motivated.
  3. NU Café - NU Café was created with studying in mind and isn’t a terribly far walk from campus. NU Café is a large space with lots of light that attracts many students from all the universities in the Worcester area. Make sure to try one of their many fun coffee and smoothie flavors to give you an energy boost while you work.
  4. Bean Counter Bakery - Bean Counter Bakery is a farther journey from Clark but completely worth the trip. The smell of roasted coffee beans welcomes you and makes this a comfortable place to study. Make sure you get one of their seasonal drinks and their amazing cupcakes, which will make any study session sweeter!
  5. Cake Shop Café - A quick drive to Millbury brings you to the Cake Shop Café. Cake Shop has plenty of seating and food choices galore. If you want a quiet place to study, Cake Shop is for you! (And with a name like Cake Shop, how could you go wrong?!)  

What are your favorite off-campus study spots, collegiettes?

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