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5 Amazing Insta Jewelry Shops

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and if you need gift ideas, here’s five insanely beautiful jewelry stores. I could spend hours scrolling through their Instagram feeds. Also to anyone reading this… all these stores are definitely on my wish list- wink, wink. 

NALIN Studios


Founded in 2018 by Ana Lindeman, all pieces are made in the south of Spain. The collection is gold, bold jewelry with unique designs. A new design drops every month. It can only be bought through their e-shop. The only drawback is expensive shipping to the United States since you have to pay for worldwide shipping.


I’ve been following Mejuri on instagram forever, and I was so excited to see that they’re opening in the Seaport district in Boston! I cannot wait to browse their store in person. Mejuri’s new adsvertisement say “forget occasions, fine jewelry for your damn self”. Self love and independence! 

Stone and Strand

Stone and Strand is a women led company based in NYC. They’re dainty and elegant, with fun pops of color. They offer an awesome repair policy within 100 days of purchasing and have free shipping. 

Pamela Love

Also based in NYC, the brand is led by awarded designer Pamela Love. This is a pricy one, but so beautiful to look at. 

Ana Luisa

A NYC shop (are we sensing a pattern here?) dedicated to ethical responsibility and sustainability. They use recycled gold and it doesn’t break the bank! Free shipping and 15% off for Valentine’s Day!

Olga is a senior at Clark University studying psychology and marketing. She's got a serious coffee addiction and a passion for writing.