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3 Ways I Have Grown in my Spiritual Life 

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.
Being intentional

The word intentional has been on my mind throughout this journey of healing and growing closer to God. I have found myself questioning the music I listen to, the shows I used to watch (it has been forever since I watched tv), etc. You may not realize it now but everything around you has a big impact on the way you go through life. I chose to surround myself with uplifting music, people, messages, etc. I am constantly trying to educate myself on topics and question everyday things. 

    Make time for Him as He always makes time for you

    There was a point where I only came to God when I wanted something and it was not until I heard a sermon where the preacher asked the audience “When was the last time you asked God how he was doing?”. At the time I thought it was a silly question however the more I thought about it, the more I realized I never asked God about how he was. While he poured into me, I never poured into him. In order to have a healthy relationship with anyone, each person needs to give to the other equally and lovingly. Whether it is in the morning or night, I read the word, do my devotional, and listen to sermons or podcasts. When I do not do these things, any of them, I feel off.

      Understanding that Christian life does not equal a battle-free life. 

      I feel as though there is this misconception that people who believe in a high power must be brainwashed or blind to the destruction of the world around us. This is a lesson I learned quickly coming from a Christian upbringing. There will be battles (internally or externally), hard times, challenging times, but God is with me through it all. I came to the conclusion that becoming a Christian does not shield you from the chaos of life but rather it equips you with the materials (The Word) you need in those stuff moments. I do not know about you but I feel so at peace when I pray, meditate on the word, talk to my fellow Christian friends and spend time with God.