21 things I learned before 21

I turn 21 today. Wow, that's kind of weird to write. But hey, I thought I'd share some lessons of what I've learned before my birthday. So heed them...or don't, but these are the things I think are most important to know.

  1. 1. You are perfect the way you are

    No one can be you better than you.

  2. 2. Try new things

    Let that be food, adventures, or just a new club or class. Give it a try. You'll regret not trying it.

  3. 3. Always say yes to adventure

    Again, you won't regret it. Explore!!

  4. 4. But also a day under the covers can be perfect


  5. 5. Eat that extra ice cream or cake

    Who cares? You deserve it.

  6. 6. But also make sure you workout

    You'll feel better and less stressed.

  7. 7. Self-care

    Do it. It's important.

  8. 8. Spend time with friends

    They are your constant support. They will always be there for you. Love them.

  9. 9. But also know when to cut out certain people

    You don't need toxivity in your life!

  10. 10. Call your family

    Your mom, your dad, your grandma, your brother. Talk to them!

  11. 11. And hang out with them when possible

    You will make memories, and they're the people there for you no matter what.

  12. 12. You're going to feel lost

    That's normal!

  13. 13. But things happen for a reason

    Life will throw you curveballs as well as good times. Each happen for a reason. Each can teach you a lesson.

  14. 14. And it'll turn out ok in the end

    If it's not ok, it's not the end of the story.

  15. 15. Try to stop caring what people think

    They don't matter in the end, and why should you change who you are for them?

  16. 16. Things change

    Interests, plans, etc. But that's ok!

  17. 17. Time heals

    Most losses just take time. You will overcome it!

  18. 18. Your gut is always right

  19. 19. Books are pretty much always better than the movie

    Read! I barely have time to, but try to. You'll go on adventures and expand your imagination.

  20. 20. Instagram is not always true

    Don't let the perfect photos and big smiles fool you. It's not always real. You don't see the gloomy days or bad hair days. You don't have to show that on your social media either, but a break or just a reminder is always helpful.

  21. 21. Growing up takes time

    It doesn't happen over night. You're still going to have to call your parents to see if the cheese that expired two days ago is ok or how to do the laundry. That's ok. You'll learn. You got this. You got time.

Well, that's my birthday present to you all. Hope it helps!