13 Stages of Going Home for Winter Break

There is nothing like your first college winter break.  I remember after my first semester at Clark I was so excited to see my family (and dogs!), my friends, and visit all my favorite hometown spots.  As I've gotten older, winter break has changed a lot.  I've lost touch with a lot of my high school friends so I find myself spending a lot more time with my family.  Regardless, winter break always has ended the same for me; wanting to race back to all my amazing friends at Clark.

When you finally get home and see your dog

... and when you finally see your parents

Eating non-dining hall food for the first time in months

Seeing your high school friends for the first time in months

When you realize how much you all have changed

... but you all have fun together anyway because you're friends for life

When you run into the people that were mean to you in high school and can't be bothered

When you run into someone you absolutely hated in high school because you live in a small town so that's inevitable

When you run into your ex 

When you run out of things to do in your hometown after 4 days

Seeing what all your Clark friends are doing and feeling left out

When you finally get to come back to Clark

When you realize Clark is home

Happy break, Clarkies!