12 New Habits for 2018

Last night I was scrolling through Pinterest when I stumbled upon an interesting graphic.  

Essentially the chart showed a new healthy habit to implement each month.  Some of the goals included drinking more water in January, going for walks in May, and unplugging before going to bed in November.  I think this is a great idea!

Often times, people set new years resolutions that they don't achieve.  Sometimes the goals are too ambitious to realistically achieve or we just get overwhelmed with the changes.  Whatever the reason, there's a real stigma with new year's resolutions.  Everyone assumes your goal is too lose weight and you'll never achieve that.  It's sad honestly!  I don't think you need to wait for a new year to achieve your goals.  You can make lifestyle changes whenever you want.  However, implementing new goals and changes to start the new year is a good idea!  I won't lie, I've made my fair share of new year's resolutions that I quickly abandoned.  I want that to change though!

This chart, or system, seems like a great way to implement some of those new year's goals you want to make over time!  You may not have 12 goals you want to achieve so maybe you won't take the entire year to implement your goals, but you can modify the system to work for you.

Some goals or healthy habits I think I may want to implement include:

  • Drinking more water- I really don't ever drink water.
  • Taking time to read my bible- I recently started reading the bible.  I've never been a religious person, I'm still not, but it's interesting to me!
  • Making more time for exercise- I feel good when I work out so I want to make more time for it.
  • Trying out yoga- I've always wanted to try out yoga classes but never made the time for it.
  • Trying meatless Mondays- I think starting with going meatless once a week, at least, is a good goal.

Those are just some habits/ goals that interest me for 2018.  I think trying to implement those five things at once may be a little too ambitious.  However, if i implemented one each month, or even every other month, by the end of the year I hopefully would be doing all of these things!

I don't think anyone needs to change themselves in the new year, but if you have goals you want to try out, this system may work for you!  If you do try implementing monthly goals, don't let anyone else get you down.  You don't have to tell other people your goals or your plan; it can be very personal to you.  However, if you want to try it, don't let anything stop you! You don't need to be a "new you" just be the "you" that make you happiest!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2018!