12 Creative Ways To Make A Difference

The start of a new semester always feels hectic but that only make it more important to remember to set aside time to do good. Pick an issue and choose to spend time doing good for a cause you care about.

1.       Give- Research to find charities and nonprofits that you care about

a.       Give up coffee and give what you would have spent to the charity of your choice

                                                               i.      Can’t give up coffee? Commit to donating a dollar for every cup of coffee that you buy.

b.       Walk dogs for donations. Isn’t the free access to doggos enough on its own?

c.       Start an Etsy shop or sell the 9,000 pairs of shoes you’re keeping around just in case

d.       Random Feats- speak in metaphors for a day, dress only in purple for a week, go vegan, do whatever people will give you money for doing (as long as its legal)

e.       Use Amazon smile

2.       Use Politics- Your government has a lot of power, make it work for you. Elections aren’t the only time to make sure your voice is heard

a.       Research bills that are in committee or waiting to be voted on, decide what you believe

b.       Call and email your representatives

c.       Attend events and ask your representatives questions

3.       Advocate- Get vocal

a.       Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your classes, humblebrag on Twitter

b.       Blog about it, if every mom can detail every second of their adventures cooking vegan, you can write about a cause

c.       Follow charities and organizations doing good work. Like, Post, Tweet, Retweet, or Favorite to help spread their message.

Looking for more ideas? Check out borgenproject.com/get-involved-in-the-cause