12 Clark Themed Halloween Costumes

It’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes if you haven’t already. Instead of sticking with the typical, go-to costumes this year (who hasn’t thrown on ears, drawn whiskers with eyeliner and called yourself a cat?), try thinking outside the box with a Clark themed costume!


  1. Sigmund Freud – you can either go as the real person or take it one step further and be the statue version. Either way, you’ll need a three-piece suit and round black glasses. Adding a white beard will pull the whole costume together. 
  2. A Cougar ;) – there are two ways to do this costume, we’ll leave it up to you which one you choose…
  3. A Clark Squirrel – find some ears, a tail, furry socks and gloves and some grey facepaint. Top it all off with a Clark t-shirt and sweatpants and you’re good to go! Bonus points if you carry around acorns with you.
  4. Matthew McConnaughey in Sea of Trees – you’ll pretty much just need blue pants, a light blue button down shirt, grey sweater and a trench coat for this one. Add some glasses and a briefcase and even consider having your friends follow you around with cameras and phones out taking pictures of you everywhere you go.
  5. Your Favorite Dining Services Worker – if you dress as someone in the Café, you’ll really only need black pants, a white shirt and a black apron. You could even carry around the specific food item that your favorite dining services worker is responsible for. For example, carry around a sandwich if you’re Tammy or a pizza if you’re Tony!
  6. President Angel – add a pair of angel wings to a business suit and you have a foolproof costume. Make sure you stride purposefully wherever you go and everyone will know exactly who you are.
  7. A Jazzman’s Cup – we’ve all seen people dress as a Starbucks cup or Dunkin Donuts cup, so why not a Jazzman’s cup? You’ll need a brown dress as the base of the costume and from there you just have to add the Jazzman’s logo to your stomach and a coffee cup lid on your head.  
  8. A First Year – you’ll have to dig out your old lanyard and red drawstring backpack from Week One for this costume. If you can find your freshman class t-shirt, even better!

Couples or Friends

  1. John Baker and a Stickleback – this has been done at Clark before and may be one of the most legendary costumes this campus has seen. For professor Baker, you can do a lab coat, glasses and a mustache. For the stickleback, you’ll need fins and scales. These scaly leggings would be perfect!
  2. Challenge Convention Change Our World – if you have a group of friends each of you can be one word of this unmistakable Clarkie motto. Similar to Fiat Lux, decorating t-shirts can be the extent of your costume making for this one.
  3. Fiat Lux – you can get real creative with this one or just keep it simple and have one of you wear a shirt that says “Fiat” and the other “Lux.”
  4. Robert Goddard and a Rocket – a lab coat paired with a suit and tie will suffice for Dr. Goddard. For the rocket, you’ll need something cylindrical for your body and a cone shaped structure on your head. You could use either foam or cardboard to make this, and cover the whole thing in silver paint or aluminum foil. Adding flames to your pants or shoes will take this costume out of this world!

What are you planning to be this Halloween, collegiettes?