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Women’s Journeys, So Far

It is Women’s History Month and all I want to say is congratulations women.

Congratulations for making it as far as we have economically, socially, physically and emotionally!

Many women say that they do not need feminism today in 2018, but little do they know what feminism has done for us as a gender in the past, present and the future. Women LITERALLY laid down their lives so that we could make it to where we are today. There is a countless list of the little freedoms we were gifted through the fights that other women endured for us to take for granted all too often.

Women of the world, you are strong, intelligent, courageous, diligent, fascinating beings that have given so much to this world and have so much more to give. It is not simply in the grand scheme of things that women act in ways that make large leaps for society, but in the small every day acts in which women perform that they create a brighter future for those to come.

Remember when we were young and our instructor always asked who our hero was? About 98% of that room said their Mom was their hero. Even when I entered my freshman year of college, I had an instructor ask the class to do presentations on their heroes. Mom was still the top ranked presentation of the entire class among fathers, grandparents, and influential women in our lives.

Women do not realize how much of an impact they have on the lives of the people around them. Whether they are moms or not, there is still a reason why women are celebrated as heroes.

Women, we have accomplished so much! Yet, we still have many more battles to be won. Keep being all that you are and more!

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