Wipe Off Your Makeup For Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, as you probably already know. I have never had a close family member or friend be diagnosed with breast cancer, so I’ve never witnessed the fight up close. But I’ve heard stories, and I’ve seen pictures, and I’ve read obituaries shared on social media through people I know, who’s loved ones have lost the fight.

Daily you’ll hear kids our age always say, “the struggle is real,” about something that really isn’t even a struggle. Most of the time, that means, “it’s a really bad day.” Just imagine how bad your day would be if you had breast cancer. I’m not saying if someone has breast cancer, that their life is over. Their life will be what they make of it during a diagnosis. I’m sure there are days when bad thoughts cross your mind and you wish it would just all end. Regardless of what they are feeling, I hope they feel this;


You are beautiful, with or without your hair. You are beautiful, with or without the hospital gown. You are beautiful, with or without makeup.

Ashley Tisdale is a major advocate for breast cancer awareness, because her own grandmother fought and beat breast cancer’s butt. So, she teamed up with Clinique, for the Take The Day Off Challenge. For every video of someone removing their makeup, Clinique will donate $10 (and up to $250k) to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Today I did my makeup very extra, because I am a senior in college and bare-minimum makeup is the routine at this point in my life. But since I knew I was doing this challenge today, I wanted to do a more enhancing look. When I took my makeup off this evening, I felt even better when looking in the mirror. I felt, and looked, so natural. And I was okay with it.

Makeup is beautiful, but so are you.