Winter Break- As Magical As Lucky Charms

Hello reader,


If you are a college student that was recently released from the wild (otherwise known as college), welcome home ya filthy animal! You are finally free of assignments, studying, and those stupid textbooks that you spend hundreds on and never use! *Teacher sends out email before semester starts saying you must buy the textbook or you will not pass the class* … *Passes the class with an A++++++++++*

Yeah, I really needed it buddy.

Anyway, you are home with your wonderful family who is going to feed you and care for you in more than one way during your stay. My break is 5 & ½ weeks, so I am going to thoroughly soak it all in, don’t worry everyone.

What I’m looking forward to most:

1.      REAL FOOD

2.      Not doing my own laundry

3.      Not putting away the dishes (I may sound like a lazy punk child for this, but I’m not. My mom is very picky and says I put the dishes away “wrong.” I am 100% serious and laughing as I type this)

4.      My mom’s Christmas cookies (she makes over 1,000 every year, much wow)

5.      A bed that isn’t twin-sized like my one at school

6.      Having access to real stores and shopping malls

7.      Being able to celebrate New Year’s Eve the right way for once (I’m 21 this year, yikes everyone look out)

8.      Not stressing about getting final grades back (because I didn’t slack off, go me)

9.      Being able to do fun things without worrying about how much spare time I have

10.  Seeing family that I do not get to see often

11.  Hanging out with my dog

12.  Best of all, NOT setting an alarm on my phone (unless I want to for some odd reason)

Happy Winter Break college kiddos, live it up!