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Why I Don’t Need A Boyfriend

“Why aren’t you dating anyone?” “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” “Why don’t you want a boyfriend?” These are all questions I get asked a lot.

I have tried dating but it never works out for me. I wonder often if it’s me, or just that it happens to be every single guy I go out with. I will go out with a guy and it either ends there on the first date, after a few dates, or even rarer, the guy will become my boyfriend, but that doesn’t last long. Maybe 3 months at the most. This has been happening for quite a while.

After having things fall through with so many potential and actual boyfriends, I have decided I don’t want to bother going out with anyone else for a while. I’m sick of the disappointment, the confusion, the heartbreak, and the self-doubt.

More than not wanting to date anyone else, I don’t feel the need to. I am a full-time student with a hefty course load. I am really dedicated to my studies and most of my time is dedicated to school. Doing homework, taking notes, and studying has overcome my life since I started college. I’m okay with that because it has paid off. I have been on the Dean’s List or President’s List every single semester since I started college.

I recently started volunteering at a local animal shelter. I love animals, and have four pets of my own, so to get to help at the shelter is fulfilling to me. There’s a lot that must be done every day at animal shelters and these places rely on volunteers to stay open. I have found that helping at the shelter is something I really like to do and signed up to help at fundraising and off-site adoption events too.

I am planning to do an internship this summer at a police department and taking some summer classes. An internship is something I have really wanted to do and I am finally going to get to pursue this goal. With an internship and summer classes in the works, I will have a busy summer in front of me.

Some girls can balance it all: work, school, internship, volunteering, friends, family, and boyfriend. I have found that it’s far too stressful for me to balance these things and maintain a relationship. I don’t have the time to give someone right now and haven’t for a while. I have realized that there is nothing wrong with that.

I am focused on my life right now. I have goals I want to achieve and things I want do. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on myself and doing things for me right now. One day when I am in the place I want to be and have the time to give someone, I will be open to being in a relationship again. The day will come when I do want a boyfriend and that will be the day I am ready to give dating another shot. Right now, though, I am happy focusing on just my life.

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