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Why Having A Roomate is the Best Thing Ever

2. There is always someone to talk to.I’ve had my fair share of roommates through college (some of them great, and some not so hot) and I can honestly say that I have loved every experience I’ve had. A roommate becomes more than just a friend – they come to know all of your habits, your family, your closet – and while sometimes it feels like you have no personal space, this person will, quite literally, always be there for you. Even though I sometimes hated living with other people, I would never want to live alone. Here’s a list of reasons why having a roommate is the best thing ever:


1. You always have someone to eat with.

Going to the dining hall alone is probably one of the most socially awkward things to do, so good thing you don’t have to go alone! Your roommate will always be up for eating, whenever, wherever.

2. There is always someone to talk to.

Whether you need to vent, or ask for advice, your roommate will tell it like it is. She sees you at your best and worst, and she’ll be there when you need to talk her ear off.

3. You meet new people.

Her friends become your friends, and your friends become her friends, and it’s like a never-ending circle of awesome people.

4. There’s always a spare key to the apartment.

In case you accidently misplace your key, your roommate will always come to the rescue to let you in.

5. They’re a good life mirror.

For clothes, advice, whatever it may be. Your roommate is sure to tell you the truth!

6. You always have a “plus one” to events.

Going to the gym? You have a workout buddy. Going to a party? You have a dance partner. Eventually, the two of you will be inseparable.

7. You get to have impromptu dance parties.

It’s 3am on a Tuesday and both of you have tests to study for, but who cares? The Chainsmokers just came on shuffle and your roommate wants to do some crazy moves just as much as you do.



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