What's The Best Movie From "The Conjuring" Universe?

"The Conjuring" universe has become one of the most popular cinematic universes in recent history, and there are many opinions arguing which one of the movies is best, as well which one is the worst. Considering I have seen all the films, I thought I would share my own personal opinion on the matter. From worst to best, here's my list:

5. Annabelle

After the success of the original "The Conjuring" film, it made sense that New Line would cash in on a spin-off film. Annabelle, which was featured in "The Conjuring," was just the perfect character for it. Unfortunately, the film that was released told a completely different story than what was expected: the actual story of the Annabelle doll that has been in the Warren's occult museum for decades. I'm not saying it was a bad film, when comparing it to many current horror films, it's a decent film. However, when you consider the quality of "The Conjuring," this film falls very short to what it could have been.

4. The Nun

The most recent release for "The Conjuring" universe, and also one of the most disappointing. The Nun featured in "The Conjuring 2" was terrifying, which made my excitement for this film even more. Sadly, it was a little over a ninety minutes of nothing really happening. There were plenty of good, such as the lead actors, the setting, and some of the story; however, like said before, not much really happened. A lot of the film was Sister Irene's visions, Father Burke's character seems to only be present for a subplot, and the Nun is lackluster in this film. The best part of the film definitely comes at the end, which ties this film to both "The Conjuring" and "The Conjuring 2."

3. Annabelle: Creation

I liked this film, and found it to be a huge improvement from the original "Annabelle." With that being said, it was an okay entry into "The Conjuring" universe. The story told is interesting and does a good job explaining how Annabelle came to be, and also does a good job of making connections to the other films in the universe (especially "Annabelle"). Actually, I think this film made the original "Annabelle" a better film. It was a slightly above average horror film, and a must-watch if you've seen the other films in the universe.

2. The Conjuring 2

It was a hard decision between the original and the sequel, but I have to put "The Conjuring 2" in second place. This film features a scene reenacting another famous case, The Amityville Horror, at the very beginning of the film. It also introduced audiences to the Nun and the Crooked Man. which have already got their spin-off or are going to in the future. This film, in general, was great in every aspect. The biggest downfall, in my opinion, was this film had so many subplots on top of the main plot; it tried to accomplish too much in one film.

1. The Conjuring 

When I first watched this film, I immediately re-watched it. It is one of the best films I've seen, not just in the horror genre. Although we are introduced to Annabelle, this film stuck strictly to the main plot, which I think edges it over its sequel. It had some of the greatest modern-day scares in the horror genre, and was a nice breath of fresh air in the genre. It is honestly hard to put into words how great this film is, so if you haven't seen it, go watch it! It is currently on Netflix, so even if you have seen it, give it a well-deserved re-watch. 

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