What They Don't Tell You About Going Inactive

Greek life.


Two words that people either love or loathe. For those who love it, they cannot get enough of it! Bid day is almost equivalent to Christmas and big/little reveal is a whole ‘nother story.


For those who loathe it, they roll their eyes anytime they hear or see anything regarding sororities or fraternities.


What they do not tell you about joining a sorority is that the majority of the women involved complain about how much work it is and how much they hate it (almost on a daily basis). This does not mean that there are not fun times. It just means a ton of work has to go into all the events that sororities hold. Some of them take weeks, even months to plan. If you go through recruitment you hear the phrase: “You get out what you put in,” a million-and-one times. This statement could not be any truer.


So what does it mean to go inactive? When you are inactive you are basically not a member of the sorority. This means you cannot attend the majority of events held. What you eventually learn when going inactive is who your true friends are. When you join a sorority you are not bound to be close with all of your sisters, but when you go inactive you still hope to keep the ones you were close with. However, this does not always happen. Everyone makes it seem like they will still be your friend and everything will be the same, but it is the complete opposite of that. There are usually only a handful of people who will still socialize with you. Other members will say it is because you know all the sorority secrets and they are afraid you will release them to the world (or that you will do the unthinkable and self terminate). What they do not understand is that this alienates the inactive member almost insuring that they will self terminate when this is the time that the sisters should be binding together showing the girls what they are/would be missing.


Nevertheless, you would think they would be true sisters and support you and your decision to go inactive regardless of the reason.