What Does Breast Cancer Look Like?


A six letter word that gives chills throughout everyone's body. A disease that attacks the body and kills multiple people a year. There isn't a human on this planet that likes this disease. There is no one that will ever tell you that “cancer is beautiful."

So why, every October, do we recognize “Breast Cancer Awareness?"


I'll tell you why. For the every 1 and 8 women who are diagnosed. For the woman who sat through hours of chemotherapy to kill their cancer. For the women who had to get a double mastectomy and STILL had their cancer. For all the mothers out there that had to lay their mothers to rest because of the disease. To all the daughters out there that had or have to sit their mothers down and tell them “I have Breast Cancer.” For all the women who have fought, and didn't survive the terrible disease. To the women who have yet been diagnosed, but will develop this disease and will have a group of people to rely on. We recognize for the lives that have been saved. We recognize to raise awareness for yearly mammogram testing. We recognize to help find a cure to beat Cancer.

NO ONE should EVER be against the fight against cancer.