We Have To Stop Hating Each Other

I am a strong proponent for completely not caring what other people think of me. Truth is my biggest strong suit, yet greatest weakness. I say my piece and if people do not agree with my opinion/how I see the world, I do not care that they get angered about it. I tend to move on with my life while leaving them to sulk in their disagreements.

Recently many women who did not like a truth I told have been, yet preach compassion and advancement for women have been making it their priority to explain their truth to others about how horrible I am. This does not bother me. I do not care for negativity. Only positive vibes come my way. However, I figured it was time to write a note to women to remind them that for their own mental health and advancement all they have to do is let it go.

I spoke to a woman who recently retired after working for the same company for many years of her life. The one reason she was happy to retire early was so that she could escape the child-like cliques that plagued her place of business. These women continued to act as if they were still in high school though they were decades beyond that.

A huge problem we have is continuing a cycle of toxicity while never giving a thought to changing it. We get too upset by one person’s comment and interpret it our own way rather than having an adult conversation keeping an open mind with those we disagree with. We would rather blindly continue vicious behavior for what we believe to be right and stunt other people’s personal growth in the process.

We cannot say we are not guilty of this. Even I can admit I am guilty of this sin. Yet, I have trained myself to notice my behavior and make corrections as I go. I am by no means perfect, but I am trying. Trying is much better than staying still. Nobody wants to be in their 30s or 40s running around spreading rumors and telling people not to be friends with someone because they disagree with the masses. Grow up ladies!

Stop the cycle of hate and learn to put yourself in other shoes. Also, I highly suggest learning not to care what others think of you. This thicker skin will shield you from those that refuse to grow and continue this abusive cycle. Human beings should be empowering other human beings. You cannot empower one human being without empowering another. Share the love and drop the hate. Yourself and the people around you will thank you for it someday.