Truth equals Trust

Human beings are afraid of a lot of things. Spiders, snakes, the truth... We try to run from things like this but they always seem to find us. Let’s be real for a second. You can’t run from anything because 9 times out of 10 they are faster than you. The thing is, you shouldn’t be afraid of anything, but everyone has a fear. I have a fear of spiders. “They won’t hurt you.” “They won’t bite.” “It’s nothing to be afraid of.” We’ve all heard something along these lines when we are faced with something that we fear.

However, when it comes to the truth not many people will look at it in the eye. We all turn away from the truth. Sometimes we even ignore the truth so we can make sure everything is okay in the world. The truth is scary. It’s not something that people like to say or hear because (a) it may hurt someone’s feelings, or (b) it makes you look weak. However, the lie is going to hurt more when the person you lied to finds out that you lied. When you lie you not only hurt the other person’s feelings, you hurt the trust that you have gained with said person because when that person finds out that you lied, your trust breaks even just a little.

The thing is, when I meet you for the first time, I trust you even if it is only a little. I may not trust you with my darkest secret but I trust you enough to get in a car with you. I trust you enough to know my name and details about me that others do. Trust should be given straight from the first meeting and from there you either gain more trust or lose trust. Trust isn’t something you should fool around with. Trust is serious especially in relationships whether it be family, friends, or boyfriend/girlfriend.

You trust your family to take care of you. As you get older you either gain more trust for them to continue to let them care for you or you find out that all these years they were taking care of you they’re actions were lies. You had trust in them since you entered the world. You trust your friends when you first meet them, even if it is just a little just. As you get to know your friends you either find out that some things they have been telling you have been lies or there are no lies in your friendship.

Lies are not something that you mess with though. Big or small, because no matter what someone will look at you and tell you the truth. Let’s put this into perspective. A girl is shopping with her boyfriend and she comes out in a dress that doesn’t compliment her very well. She looks him in the eye and asks, “Does this look okay?” He gives a quick glance and grits his teeth real quick and responds, “You look great in anything, babe.” She gives a smile and goes back into the dressing room and decides to buy the dress. This girl trusts her boyfriend to give her an honest compliment about her because he does it all of the time. However, she wears the dress out that night with her best friend. Her best friend takes one look at her and says, “That dress doesn’t fit you very well.” Now the girl’s best friend isn’t afraid to be honest because the best friend knows that the girl would understand. The girl is then upset but not from what her best friend said, but from her boyfriend lying to her.

Even something like that can hurt the trust that someone has in you. Trust should never be messed with. If people come to you with secrets that they trust you to keep secret, KEEP IT A SECRET because if you don’t it’s not going to look well on you. So, when it comes down to it the truth shouldn’t be feared only because (a) people always find out the truth and (b) your trust is always tested.