Top Ways To Save Money In College

Almost all college students call themselves broke, because come on, college is super expensive. It’s hard to save money especially when you don’t have much at all. I found some really helpful tips to get more bang for your buck.


One way is to rent your textbooks. If you aren’t going to use or need them in the future, save some money and rent. I saved close to $100 just from renting. If you do need to use them either buy used books or go on, they are through ebay and the books are in awesome condition and super cheap!

Don’t waste your money on unnecessary things. Even though your favorite store may be having a sell, ask yourself, is this a need or a want. I do that with everything and its helped me fight impulse buys many times.

Look for places that offer student discounts. If you Google places you’ll find a lot, more than you ever thought. It may only be 10% but hey it’s at least something. A lot of electronic places offer this and many restaurants offer them, especially local ones.

Do your research when it comes to big purchases. Just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean that it’s not as good as an expensive competitor. This helps a lot when buying TV’s, printers and computers. Also read the reviews, people bought the item so why not listen to them and possibly save yourself time, money and the hassle.

Lastly, pay your bills off as quick as you can. Whether you have a cable bill, utilities, credit cards or anything you have to pay a monthly bill on, do it early. With the hustle and bustle of college it’s easy to forget about things like this. write yourself a note where you will always see it so you can pay it as quickly as possible and avoid those pesky late fees.

Being smart with money will help in the long run and will save you time and money, then you wont be a broke college student!