Top 10 Halloween Desserts That Everyone Will Enjoy At Your Spooky Party

Do you want some easy, yet yummy spooky Halloween treats for your holiday party this year, but don’t know what to make? Keep reading below for some spooktacular ideas to serve at your party this year. They will be sure to thrill any guests you may have!

  1. Halloween Candy Bark: This treat can be made with any type of chocolate you wish, but white chocolate works best. It’s also one of the simplest treats you can make from scratch. All you need is melted white chocolate, and some spooky treats to stick on top. 
  2. Strawberry Ghosts: For this recipe, all you need are delicious strawberries, white chocolate to dip them in,  and dark chocolate to decorate them with ghostly faces.   
  3. Mini-Jack-O-Lantern Pies: This is the yummiest takes on your traditional pumpkin pie, except that you are turning them into jack-o-lanterns! 
  4. Bat Truffles: For this recipe all you need are Oreos, cream cheese, melted chocolate, black sprinkles, and candied eyeballs to make your own spooky bat treats! 
  5. Caramel Apples: This is by far the favorite at all parties, candied apples. All you need are any kind of apples you like, caramel candies, and other decorations, such as sprinkles, etc. 
  6. Dirt & Worms: This will be sure to scare anybody! For this yummy treat, all you need are Oreos, chocolate pudding mix, and gummy worms! 
  7. Spider web Cake: If you love chocolate this is the recipe for you! All you need is your favorite chocolate cake recipe, and fudge frosting and decorative white frosting to decorate into a spooky spider web! 
  8. Frankenstein Pretzels: These are the cutest of all! All you need are pretzels, and green chocolate, candied eyeballs, and dark chocolate for decorating!  

 I promise no body will go hungry or scared this Halloween season if you make any of these spooky treats! So, go ahead and make sure to make these for all your party guests this Halloween season!