Tinder is Okay to Have

Tinder is okay to have. I always thought it was a stupid app, I thought it was just for hookups. Which many people use the app for that but not everyone.

I got my tinder after my boyfriend of over 2 years broke up with me out of the blue. My friends pushed me to get one, so I figured what the heck why not? I had no idea what to put on my profile, I had no idea what pictures to post, and I had no idea what to put on my bio, I had no idea.

Once I figured all that out I said here we go! I started my swiping. There were some hot guys on there but also some weirdos. I saw people I knew, which was rather weird and funny at the same time. I got my first message and I was rather excited, I thought ‘oh my gosh someone liked me!’ not surprisingly it was a guy that wanted to hook up. I figured this is a waste of time, that’s all people want on here. But messages started flooding in. Some were for hookups while others were guys that said I was gorgeous, hot and beautiful and wanted to actually have a conversation. After that I thought it wasn’t that bad.

I went on quite a few dates from people I met on tinder, some of them went really well while others did not. Nothing ever happened after the first dates and I was disappointed, but it happens. That all changed though after a while of searching.

I ended up finding my boyfriend on tinder and I’m very happy I did. I never thought I would have a relationship that came from there. Tinder isn’t a bad thing, so if you’re single try it out and see where things go!