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Thank you Mom

I don’t even know where to start. You are my best friend, the one I come to about everything and anything, the one I trust to tell you all my secrets, and the one who gives me all the support in the world. I would be nothing without you in my life, you’ve made me the woman I am today. You’re my role model. You’ve taught me so much, you’ve taught me how to love myself, how to be strong and don’t let things control me when they go wrong and give my everything for things I go after. You’ve always been there for me and I know I haven’t made it easy on you, from our fighting in my teenage years and being a brat to the I don’t want anything to do with my parent’s phase, but I look back at it and laugh because I gained my very best friend and it just happened to be you. I know you’re only one call or text away, and I thank you for all the times I called you in the middle of the night crying or being stressed out and having you calm me down. Not to mention all the numerous text messages I send you about stupid stuff. I don’t thank you nearly enough for all the things you do for me, so thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me. I know it’s not easy, but you give me the world and everything I could possibly want. Thank you for all the shopping trips we take together, for the movie nights, for the girl’s days we’ve had, I cherish every single memory of them. Thank you for supporting me and supporting my dreams, thank you for everything you did for me high school with taking me to practices and driving my butt everywhere. Thank you for driving me to and from college my freshman year and coming up whenever I needed something. Thank you for the memories you’ve given me throughout the years. I have so many fun memories with you and I know we will continue to make more. I feel bad for people that don’t have a relationship like ours because I wouldn’t know what to do without it. So thank you for everything and being the best mom on the planet, I love you.

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Krystin Petro

Clarion '20

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