Summer Survival Kit Put To The Test

As summer came around, so did our HC summer survival kit. In this kit came with many good objects and useful ones as well. BUT of course we all had our favorites in the kit. Here is a list of what we liked from least to greatest:


1. Eyebrow fixing pencil by Essence-


Not that this was a bad product, it just didn’t work as well as the other ones. I could not find the product to do anything to my eyebrow except make it sticky and look a lot darker than I wanted it to. The brush also did not help with styling the brow. It just brushed the brow, and didn’t style.


2. Toothbrush protector by Steripod-


This product worked very well! It is the best when staying at someone else's room and you can just clip it onto the top of your brush. You don't have to put your toothbrush in a separate part of the bag, or in an additional bag. Just toss it right in your carry on with this product on it and it works like a charm.


3. Cool water lily scented deodorant by Secret-

If you ever need a great smelling underarm, this deodorant is for you! The fresh smell stayed on for over 24 hours. It worked like a charm. I won’t be using any other deodorant from now on besides this one!


4. Natural cleansing cloths by Summer's Eve-


These cloths, I have never heard of before. I have owned the spray since it came out but never knew about these. They are PERFECT for on the go. If you ever need a fresh smell down there, these are the way to go. Just a few wipes and you will be on your way. These were my my favorite product from the kit. DEFINITELY will be buying more of these for needy times.

All of these items have been a pleasure trying and I am so happy to start using some of them from now on. Can’t wait to try the items from the next kits!