Spring Break In Boston?

Usually college students plan a trip somewhere tropical for their spring break trip. I have never gone on a spring break trip because, well no money! However, this year I might get the opportunity to travel to a new state that I would potentially like to live in for career purposes. I have been told by many people that Boston Massachusetts is absolutely beautiful! If I do get the chance to go on break, I definitely have some spots I would like to see!

1.      Her Campus Media; because I’m obviously very passionate about Her Campus, and would love to work for them someday!

2.      Boston Harbor Walk; because it apparently is the best view of the harbor.

3.      The Lawn on D; this place is known as the “playground for adults” which sounds right up my alley because I’m such a kid at heart.

4.      Temazcal Tequila Cantina; known for having amazing margaritas, my FAVORITE drink to get out.

5.      Anything extremely historic; I’m not a history buff or anything, but I think it’s important to see historic memorials and points of interests in other states.


If this trip happens, best believe I will document the whole thing to share online!