Small-town Start, Major Impact

As a graduate of Clarion University's Political Science program, Donna Oberlander has been putting her degree to good use. Fresh out of school, she joined forces with a friend and mentor, Fred McIllhattan, earning a position as a legislative aid in his office. There, she worked with local businesses to encourage growth and prosperity. In 2004 she was elected to the Clarion County Board of Commissioners. She was adament in her efforts to manage local government spending as well as planning for economic improvements.

Donna Oberlander has been selected to serve her second consecutive term as House Republican Caucus Secretary for 2017-2018. In this position she records all official activities  in the House of Representatives. She also serves as Chair of the House Gas and Oil Caucus as well as the House Diabetes Caucus. As State Representative, Oberlander makes it a point to focus on children and youth, enviornmental resources and energy, and local government. To date, four of her legislation pieces have been signed into law.

She wrote Act 171 in 2016; that requires the Department of General Services to formally recognize all PA based minority, woman, and veteran owned businesses in order to make it easier to do business overall. Donna has earned four consecutive "Guardian of Small Business" awards as well as "Pennsylvania Rural Educator of the Year". She is currently an active member of; the Council of Trustees here at Clarion University. She also lives in the area with her husband and two children. Donna Oberlander's story is a prime example of remembering your roots when you become successful and making a point to give back.

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