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Rihanna Has the Perfect Lip Product for Your Holiday Looks

Fenty Beauty has been out for less than a year and Rihanna is already breaking boundaries in the cosmetics industry. It is clear that Rih is not here to play with us at all. Each product that has been released thus far has been a hit. From her highlighters to her foundations, there is no doubt that we’re all shook at the quality of Fenty Beauty. Recently,  Rihanna has been hyping up a new lippie on her instagram page with a mini tutorial video. After weeks of waiting, “Stunna” lip paint is finally here. Described as ” a weightless, 12 hour liquid lipstick, with a soft matte finish”, it is said that this product was formulated to compliment ALL skin tones. That’s right. ALL skin tones. Similar to the goal of the Fenty foundations, Rihanna aims to create beauty products that cater to people of all shades keeping undertones in mind as well. Stunna is already being referred to by the beauty community as a “universal red lipstick”. 

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to swatch and apply Stunna at Sephora. I was so excited when I saw it in the store. One, because the packaging is super cute and sleek. Two, because it is hella affordable coming in at a relatively low $24. I swatched the lip color on my hand first and let me tell you…this color is so rich and pigmented. Although it is a liquid lipstick, it’s not overly liquidly or runny like some liquid lip colors can be. The consistency is very nice and it really allows you to work with the product. I came into Sephora that day with absolutely no make up on. So here I am, barefaced, looking like someone’s little brother, ready to apply an incredibly bold red lip color. I put it up to my lips and I could honestly feel my heart racing. (Not even being dramatic lol.) I am not the type of person who normally reaches for lip products of any kind (aside from a nude lip gloss or chap stick) especially not a red lip. I never thought that red was a color that suited me. I applied Stunna to my bottom lip first and I was shocked at how pigmented it was once again. Like I saw the pigmentation on my hand when I swatched it but ON LIPS…it’s a whole new world. I never even put it on my lips fully. I applied it and I knew that I was either madly in love or I totally hated it. 

After checking myself out in the mirror for a few minutes, I came to the conclusion that I really like Stunna. I agree that it is weightless. It really doesn’t feel like there is any product on your lips once it dries. I decided that I will be going back to Sephora to purchase this gem and it will be in my holiday beauty looks for sure. I think it will look way better when I have a full face of makeup on. Stunna is also very long lasting. I took a nice relaxing bath that evening and my hand was still stained from the swatch once I got out and even the following day. Given this I’m certain that it can withstand Christmas dinner, as many cups of hot cocoa you can stomach, your New Years kiss, and any other holiday activities you have planned. This liquid lipstick is extremely bold and I never thought it one million years that I would be a fan of a red lipstick. If you’re anything like me, I highly recommend testing Stunna out during your next visit to Sephora before purchasing it. This is an edgy twist on a classic. Props to Rihanna for blessing us with the hits as always!

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