Profile: Brooke George

Junior Nursing major Brooke George, is prepping to save lives straight out of Clarion University (insert Grey’s Anatomy theme song here). Clarion has not only given her the opportunity to study her dream career, it has also given her the gift of great friendships and a great atmosphere to live in. George has wanted to be a Nurse for as long as she could remember, and her reasons are because:


1. “I like to help people. “


2. “I would rather make a difference in someone’s life, rather than being famous or anything like that.”

3. “I want to be there for people when they have no one else.”

4. “I’m very caring and have a big heart.”

5. “I want to let people know that even in their toughest times, they aren’t alone because I’ll be with them to take care of them and hold their hand when they need it.”


George has worked at a Nursing Home for the past few years that she has attended Clarion, gaining lots of knowledge and experience along the way to apply to a job later. The passion for Nursing started before Clarion, and will never end thanks to Clarion University. George says she is proud to be a Golden Eagle! Photo Credits: Brooke George