An Open Letter to the Girl Hurt by the Athlete

I have been in your shoes, and let me tell you it is the worst position to be in. Whether it was the wrestler, or the football player, I understand. He was perfect. He was everything that you ever wanted and then some. He made you feel like you were the only girl in the world. He made sure you were always happy.

Then one day something changed. You weren’t the top priority anymore. Everything began to fall apart and you began to feel hurt. The truth then came out about who he really was. He used you… You thought he would be different. You thought that he actually wanted you. You thought all the late nights together and all the text messages meant something to him. Jokes on us as the girl though, right? It is our fault that whenever we walk around campus we feel alone.

We feel like that everyone is staring at us because the whole team knows. When you go to the cafeteria you sit as far as you can from them so you aren't the topic of discussion. At parties you think you have to watch what you do because they are all looking for a reason to make you the topic of discussion again. He and “his team” try to make you feel like you have no one, even with your own friends at times. They try to rule you and get under your skin. You lay in bed at night and cry. You feel like you are the most worthless girl around. They destroyed you and you do not know where to go from here.

The reason I’m writing this to you is like I said before, I was in your shoes. They buried me six feet under and at some points I felt like I could not breathe. I was scared to leave my room, I was scared to go anywhere that they might be. He made his whole team hate me. I could not go anywhere without something being said. I am here to tell you though I survived. Better yet, without him I am so much better. It will take time. You will not feel better right away. It is okay to cry, just not in front of him or the team. Do not show signs of weakness because that is when they know they have won. They are nothing. In twenty years from now they will still be nothing. Do not dwell on the past, if you do this you will only hurt yourself more and more. Be strong, walk around with your head up. Remember that whenever you hit rock bottom things can only go up from there.

One more thing… Remember you are worth much more than he is. Your happiness comes before anyone else's. You put a fake or real smile on every day and rock it. You show him how much better you are without him. When he calls or texts you for the second chance, you will already be onto someone else. You can do this, and will do this.

Remember what I said,

From the girl who was hurt by a wrestler