To The New Member Class

You are all individually important to your chapter, but together, you are stronger. Never doubt that. You were all selected to join your sorority because you embodied their beliefs and showed them that you could better their chapter. Now while you learn about your sisterhood here are some reason you should truly appreciate your time as a new member, because it goes by quick.

1. Your pledge mom is your second mom

Your pledge mom is the one that gives you the in’s and out’s of your sorority. She’s the one that has all the answers. She is your go-to, she’s your right hand, she’s your mom. If she does not know the answer, then she’ll find out for you. Don’t be afraid of mom.

2. Go to everything that you can

All events that you can attend, GO TO THEM! This is the chance to get to know your sisters and find out what your sorority is all about. The active sisters love new members; we’re obsessed with them. You are the continuation of the chapter. Showing them that you will show up to things and get involved is the best way to get involved with the chapter.

3. Get to know your pledge sisters

Your pledge sisters are the ones that are going through this whole process with you. These are the sisters that will be with you until you graduate and even further beyond. Don’t miss out on getting to know these special sisters.

4. Get to know the older sisters

These sisters are here for you. You look up to these girls, and they don’t want to disappoint you or even their fellow sisters. You can have dreams of being just like them or even better. These are sisters that will answer any questions that you have and can be your biggest support system. They want to see you succeed.

5. Cherish the memories

Remember as much as you can. Take pictures. Make inside jokes. Keep these memories with you forever because these are the times that you will never forget. Any memory made is one to cherish.​

6. Never regret anything

Go dancing in the rain and then get sick. Take a walk down Main Street with some of your sisters and talk about anything and everything. These are just some of the things that you can do with your sisters and not regret. These are the memories that you make.

College is the time to make memories, and I know for a fact some of my best memories have been made with either my roommates or my sisters.

Never look back but always remember.